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Welcome to world of SunnaSmile

Looking to add an easy service and/ or an in-demand retail products to your existing salon? Look no further! SunnaSmile is an innovative teeth whitening system that delivers lasting, sensitive-free and enamel-safe results - fast. This registered natural health product is available in our professional In-Studio Treatment and the do-it-yourself retail products.




Smile Prep

A multi-action cleaning paste that is designed to be used with your toothpaste as both a maintenance and preliminary tool. The Smile Prep paste removes plaque and reduces tartar build up while eliminating stains and gently polishing your teeth. The Smile Prep comes in a 100 mL pump.

Advanced Home Whitening Kit

The Advanced Home Whitening Kit is designed for maintenance of the In-Studio whitening treatment or as an individual whitening tool. It includes a shade guide, 50 mL of Whitening + Aftercare Gel, two batteries, battery operated LED light, removable mouth tray for the gel, travel case for the mouth tray and LED light, and instructions.


Whitening + Aftercare Gel

The Whitening + Aftercare Gel is used with the LED light to whiten the teeth. The gel can also be used with your toothpaste nightly to prevent re-staining and improve oral health. Contains 50 mL of Whitening + Aftercare Gel and two batteries to use as a replacement for your home kit gel and batteries.




WE OFFER 100% PRODUCT Guarantee

If client's do not have any change in the shade of their teeth after the procedure, we will refund the In-Studio kit to you as we will not If clients do not see results we will refund you the kit cost and you will not charge the client. We want every client leaving happy. Ask us more about how the guarantee works.


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